All guests of the von Trapp Animal Lodge will have access to daycare activities including indoor/outdoor gym time and swimming in our outdoor pool.

These additional services may be added on to enhance your pet’s experience:

-Personal fitness program with our on-site veterinarian (certified in canine rehabilitation) $60                                                                                          -Acupuncture sessions with our on-site veterinarian (certified in veterinary acupuncture) $45
-Individual free swim $20
-Single underwater treadmill session $30
-Single laser therapy session $30
-Canine massage $30

Sweet treats:
-Peanut butter filled Kong treat $5
-Frosty Paws ice cream treat $5

Grooming Services: -Bath $15                                                                                                    -Bath and Brush (Shampoo, Conditioner and Brush out) $25    -Medicated bath $18                        -Ear cleaning $8                                                                                            -Nail Trim $12

Say Hi:
Interactive face-time with the family $5
*limited hours apply