Why is rehabilitation important for my pet?

If you have ever had any type of orthopedic or neurological surgery, you are aware that rehabilitation is recommended, and often required, to aid in recovery speed and return to function. Studies have shown that the outcome of these types of surgeries is greatly enhanced when they are followed by rehabilitation therapy. Post-surgical rehabilitation for pets is recommended for the same reasons.   However, there are so many other reasons we love and recommend rehabilitation, especially when considering management of obese and geriatric pets.  Did you know that an estimated 20% of dogs have arthritis and a whopping 55% of pets in the US are overweight?  Every one of these patients can benefit from rehabilitation services we offer, such as aquatic therapy, laser therapy, acupuncture and massage.  These services help restore strength, improve flexibility, aid in weight loss and alleviate pain.  

How many rehabilitation sessions are recommended?

The number of sessions greatly depends on the nature of the condition.  For post-surgical cases, we typically recommend 8-12 sessions but this of course depends on the surgery.  If we are treating arthritis or creating a weight management program, we will likely recommend weekly sessions for an extended period of time, as these are typically more chronic conditions.  After our initial evaluation, we will create a rehabilitation program tailored to your pets' needs.  Of course, you as the owner will always be involved in the decision making process as well. 

How is the pricing structure for rehabilitation determined?

We structure pricing based on time, rather than modality.  This allows us the flexibility to use the appropriate modality to achieve our goals.  For example, there are some pets, such as those with an acute injury, who may benefit from longer sessions of acupuncture, laser therapy and therapeutic exercise, while others, such as overweight patients, may benefit from more hydrotherapy and training exercises.  Your pet's needs may also change from session to session, and pricing per session time rather than modality allows you to be able to financially plan for your pet's rehabilitation therapy at the beginning of the program.

May I be present for rehabilitation sessions?

Of course! We consider ourselves, along with you, a team.  We are advocates of your pet's health and want the very best for him/her.  We always encourage owners to be present during sessions so that they can see their pet's progress and be a part of the process.  That being said, we also understand that you are busy!  So, if you need to leave your pet for the day for their session, it is not a problem.  We have a quiet area in the Lodge, the Zen Den, where our patients can relax before and after their sessions. 

My dog needs multiple daily rehabilitation sessions.  May he stay for an extended period at the Lodge?

Yes!  We designed our Lodge for guests to be able to stay comfortably long-term.  Guests of our Lodge, including our rehabilitation guests, can enjoy comfortable beds (specifically designed to alleviate orthopedic pain) and indoor and outdoor open play yards.  Every guest has free access to our pool.  We also have suites with private yards dedicated to geriatric or non-sociable pets.  

Please visit our Lodging page to learn more about our accommodations.


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